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Strategy of the IGC TRACECA 2016-2026

After the completion of the Strategy implementation with the support of the European Union Technical Assistance projects the TRACECA countries are prepared to get down to a new stage of the Europe-the Caucasus-Asia corridor development.

The EU Technical Assistance Project LOGMOS in close cooperation with TRACECA countries developed a TRACECA Master Plan – a comprehensive document consisting of the analysis, conclusions and recommendations for the realization of measures aimed at further development of the international corridor Europe-the Caucasus-Asia. 

On the basis of TRACECA Master Plan and proposals of the countries, there was worked out the Strategy for development of the international transport corridor Europe-the Caucasus-Asia for the period 2016-2026. 

On 1 June 2016, within Twelfth Annual Meeting of the IGC TRACECA, in Odessa, Ukraine, the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA has approved this strategic document for further development of the TRACECA corridor. The TRACECA Master Plan is an Annex to the IGC Strategy and its inalienable part.

Strategy of the IGC TRACECA 2026 presents priority guidelines for the Parties to the Basic Agreement for development of the Europe-the Caucasus-Asia corridor and calls for introducing a Master Plan into the legal framework of TRACECA by following a consistent policy for the implementation of its provisions. 

For the efficiency of the Strategy and the Master Plan realization the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA will carry out monitoring of the countries’ actions and measures within the framework of its annual meetings.

With the view of ensuring consistency in the implementation of recommendations of the Master Plan there will be adopted country road maps, individual measures and segments to be included where necessary into the national transport development programmes.

The Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA will ensure a constructive dialogue with the European Commission with the view of achieving the best possible results in promoting the Strategy of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA for development of the international transport corridor Europe-the Caucasus-Asia for 2016-2016 and the TRACECA Master Plan.

Please follow below links for familiarization with the text of the Strategy of the IGC TRACECA 2016-2026 and TRACECA Master Plan with related annexes.  

Strategy of the IGC TRACECA 2016-2026

Master Plan. Main Document

Annex 1 – Improvement of Legal Environment
Annex 2 – Trade Flow Potential
Annex 3.1 – Maritime Sector
Annex 3.2 – Shipping Lines
Annex 4 – Railway Sector
Annex 5 – Road Sector
Annex 6.1 – Dnepr Case Study
Annex 6.2 – Danube Case Study
Annex 7 – Hinterland Connections, Multimodal and Logistics Capabilities
Annex 8 – Pilot Project MCA
Annex 9 – Country Profiles and Project Fiches