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PLACE OF WORK: Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA, Baku, Azerbaijan




Main objective of position:

  • Organizational and technical support for the activities of the SG in coordination with the Head of the Division;
  • Assistance in the organization and implementation of the daily tasks of the PS and instructions of the SG;
  • Managing the PS office work.
  • Translating incoming and outgoing correspondence of the PS.



Key tasks:

  • Carrying out work on the preparation of meetings or conferences held by the SG (collecting the necessary materials, notifying participants about the time, venue, agenda of the meeting or conference, registering them), keeping minutes;
  • Protocol support of the SG meetings (provision of tableware, provision of water and glasses, preparation and placement of nameplates indicating the information of the meeting participants) held in the office;
  • Organizing telephone conversations of the SG, in his absence - recording the information received and bringing its content to his attention, transmission and reception of information via receiving and intercom devices, as well as telephone messages, promptly bringing to his attention the information received via communication channels;
  • Control over the compliance with the terms of the PS Plan of Events and the instructions of the SG with subsequent informing the Head of the Division.
  • Reception, registration and forwarding of the incoming PS documentation;
  • Formalization, registration and forwarding of the outgoing PS documentation;
  • Preparation for signing the drafts of letters, orders, correspondence and other PS documents in paper and electronic format, as submitted and directed by the heads of divisions, previously agreed with the SG;
  • Control over the compliance with the deadlines for the implementation of the SG instructions;
  • Drawing up, if necessary, letters and inquiries within the limits of her competence;
  • Translation of all types of incoming and outgoing PS documents.



Minimum qualification requirements:

  • Higher education or work experience in the similar position;
  • Proficiency in the Russian, English and Azerbaijani languages;
  • Skills to work with modern office communications and office equipment (MS Office, e-mail, copiers, etc.).



Skills and abilities requirements:

  • Knowledge of generally accepted standards of office work;
  • Knowledge of the rules for printing business letters using standard forms;
  • Knowledge of terminology in the field of transport in Russian and English;
  • Performing functions in accordance with the established rules, as well as the ability to work in a team;
  • Well-balanced nature, intuitive approach, timely solution of issues;
  • Organizational skills and a responsible approach to work.


Employment conditions:

Permanent work at the TRACECA Headquarters in Baku. Contract period – 2 years, with the possibility of the extension for the next two-year period, five-day working week (days off – Saturday and Sunday, non-working holidays – in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan).


All candidates must submit their applications by e-mail before the deadline for submitting documents. Applications submitted in incomplete form and/or after the official deadline for submitting documents will not be considered.


Documents required for participation in the Competition:

  • application in the form, in accordance with Appendix 1 to these Rules of conducting a competition for filling vacant positions of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA;
  • CV with photo,
  • a copy of an identity document or passport;
  • a document certifying no criminal record issued by the authorized body of the country whose citizen is the participant of the competition;
  • copies of the documents confirming the required professional education, qualifications and work experience:
  • copies of the documents confirming the improvement or qualification assignment based on the results of additional professional education,
  • copies of the documents on awarding an academic degree, academic title.



Note: Documents shall be provided with notarized translations into the Russian or English languages, if they are issued or drawn up in the languages of the MLA countries that are not the Russian or English languages.


Participants of the Competition can provide additional information about education, experience, professional level and reputation (characteristics, recommendations, scientific publications, etc.).


The documents sent by e-mail should be in the MS Word or PDF format and are forwarded to the following e-mail address: office@ps.traceca-org.org marked “Application for a vacancy of the Secretary/Translator of the PS IGC TRACECA”.

The candidates in the short list only will be notified.


Rules of conducting a competition for filling vacant positions of the PS IGC TRACECA

Full text of the Job Description

Application Form