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The Strategy for Development of the IGC TRACECA up to 2015, adopted in 2006, determined that the existing system of bilateral permits between the Parties was admitted as a barrier to international road traffic.  

As an initial step towards the liberalization some countries expressed their readiness to introduce a permit-free system (Armenia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine). In 2011 Turkey came forth with the initiative of developing a multilateral mechanism to issue permits as an alternative to the existing system.

Therefore, on the outcome of joint activity in 2015, the XI Meeting of the IGC TRACECA in Istanbul adopted the Multilateral Permits System TRACECA to perform international carriage of goods by road.  

A corresponding Decision was signed by the competent Ministries of 6 states:  Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. The same Decision approved the technical document “Multilateral Permit TRACECA. User Guide” regulating the system functioning. With the view of improving this System, in November 2016 the countries made amendments overturning the restrictions on permits use. This, in its turn, had a positive influence on the effectiveness of the System.        

Thus, annually the PS issues the TRACECA permit forms in equal numbers and sends to the member countries of this System. The size of the base quota per each state makes 200 units. Based on the national legislations the member countries of this System distribute permit forms among national carriers for their further use. As a result of simplification of the permits system, instead of several permits from various countries only TRACECA permits are to be used.

In practice the TRACECA permits are universal and valid for carriage by road between the member countries of the bilateral, transit system, as well as transportation to/from third countries.

As a consequence, there were created convenient conditions for road traffic which are in a great demand among carriers.    

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