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Management Initiative Workshop 3




The workshop is part of overall Management initiative consisting of 4 workshops.


The workshops aim to provide support to the different levels of the Civil Aviation Authorities Management in order to refresh their skills and cultural understanding of the overall management system in civil aviation as well as to strengthen their management capabilities by application of modern management tools. The aim of this workshop is to calibrate existing management and leadership skills to optimise their effectiveness when deployed within a civil aviation regulatory role and to advance the individual management skills based on their experiences and good practices.


The Agency prepared, the following tentative working sessions, with topics as described:


The Civil Aviation Landscape

·         Responsibility for Safety

·         State Safety Plans

·         Primary Law

·         Secondary Laws, Powers and Obligations

·         Rules, Codes and Standard Practices


Better Regulation

·         Emergence of regulator accountability in EU and The West

·         Accountability and Transparency

·         Targeting and Consistency

·         Proportionality

·         International regulatory assessment methods.


National Authority Safety Maturity

·         Civil aviation safety evolution 1930 to 2013

·         Styles of regulation

·         Common Domain differences

·         Quality and SMS in organisations

·         Quality and SMS in Authorities

·         Human factors and basic aviation anthropology


The Phenomenon of Leadership

·         Commentaries on leadership in other Authorities

·         EU approaches toward the Basic Regulation

·         The Level Playing Field

·         Leadership in the Civil Aviation Administrations

·         Leadership in the Domains

·         Leadership in the DCA Technical Teams



·         Regulatory added value

·         Customer service

·         Performance measurement


Regulatory Practice

·         The Approved Organisation and its life-cycle

·         Practical Risk Management

·         Oversight resource management


Total System

·         Comparative hazards in Domains



·         Concept of Total System

·         Regime, Entity and Organisation


Process Management

·         Process efficiency

·         Workflow

·         Business Systems

·         Project Management in regulators

·         Programme management and change


·         LANGUAGE:

The workshops is intended to be delivered in English language with consecutive translation to Russian language.




The consolidated target group will consist of Senior Management of Civil Aviation Administrations and their immediate reports responsible for development, maintenance, management and/or reform a safety regime.




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