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TRACECA took part in the international conference on the theme “International transport and logistics corridors: development impulses from Zangilan ".


On 16-17 November 2023, a two-day conference was held in Zangilan and Baku, which was attended by more than 200 foreign guests from 15 countries, representatives of more than eight international organizations and financial institutions. The conference was organized jointly by the Special Representative Office of the President of Azerbaijan in Jebrail, Gubadli and Zangilan regions, which are part of the East Zangezur economic region, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan and the Institute of Economics under the Ministry of Science and Education.


The purpose of the two-day events is to organize discussions on a single platform between the public, private and academic sectors on the development and expansion of trans-regional transport corridors, as well as to establish cooperation between stakeholders.

Participants and speakers of the conferences, including the special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the Jebrail, Gubadli and Zangilan regions included in the East Zangezur economic region, Vahid Hajiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan Rashad Nabiyev, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Shahin Bagirov, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Türkiye Abdulkadir Uraloglu, discussed the impact of international transport corridors on economic development on the Eurasian continent and other issues.

During the Panel Session “On the role of international transport corridors in trade and sustainable development of the Eurasian region,” Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA Asset Assavbayev emphasized that “trade facilitation still remains a pressing issue, due to the constantly changing circumstances affecting transport flows in Eurasia. A significant increase in demand for transportation along the TRACECA corridor in 2022 has once again exposed all the bottlenecks. The TRACECA corridor is a shorter route from Asian countries to Europe, however, due to many borders transportation time is almost 2 times longer”.

Among the noted recommendations, the TRACECA Secretary General mentioned the need to increase capacity at the borders of the TRACECA corridor routes, take measures to develop both physical and soft infrastructure, develop alternative routes in certain sections of the corridor by reorienting part of the transit cargo vehicles by launching piggyback transportation and etc.

Along with this, the two-day discussions of the speakers included an exchange of views on regional cooperation within development of transit corridors using the potential of Eurasia, customs innovations for international transport corridors, etc.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA