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During the period of its independence, the Republic of Tajikistan continues advancement its economic infrastructure, including transportation sector, which has determining character in economic development along with improvement of living standards and reduction of poverty.

The strategy of the Government in transportation sector includes two main points:

  • First – building integrated transport network in the country and its connection with international transport corridors.
  • Second – accession and ratification by the Republic of Tajikistan international conventions and agreements related to transportation.

For today Tajikistan became one of transport corridors in the region connected with neighboring countries in four directions with newly build railroads, highways, tunnels and bridges.

During last decades construction and rehabilitation large parts of roads, for instance, highway Kulob - Khorog - Kulma-Karokurum (Shohon-Zigar and Shkev-Zigar), Dushanbe - Kurgan-Tube - Kulob, Dushanbe - Chanak, Vahdat - Chirgatol - Saritosh (the border with Kyrgyz Republic), Dushanbe - Tursunzade (border with Republic of Uzbekistan), Aini - Penjikent (border with Republic of Uzbekistan) and opening new tunnels Ozodi, Istiklol, Shahriston and Chormagzak was implemented.

Taking into account the specifics of the geographic location of the country, in Tajikistan, work continues on the development of transport infrastructure, creation of an enabling environment for the use of transport routes, which in the near future will have the transcontinental nature, linking Asia and Europe.

The Government of Tajikistan pays special attention to the sphere of international cooperation in transport sector: 43 agreements with nine CIS countries and seven countries in Central Asia and Europe, also 27 agreements with 7 international organizations have been signed.

 The Republic of Tajikistan has joined officially 9 International Conventions and Agreements:

 ·         International Convention for the Coordination of monitoring the transport of goods across borders

·         International Convention on road traffic

·         International Convention on road signs and signals

·         International Convention for the delivery and storage of goods

·         International Customs Convention on the Carriage of Goods by TIR Carnet

·         European Agreement on the transport and delivery of dangerous goods by road

·         An interstate agreement on perishable food and special vehicles for the delivery of such goods

·         European Agreement concerning the activities of service vehicles on the international highways

·         Agreement on implementation of safety for vehicles and spare parts which are used in them

The transformations are also implemented in the field of civil aviation, as well as space for free competition and the market for air services for both domestic and foreign airlines is created in the country. Active work is being conducted to improve service and enhance the role of local carriers in the international market: there are all prerequisites for work in this direction.

Local carriers of Tajikistan - Somon Air, Tajik Air, East Air and foreign air companies operating in Tajikistan are Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, China South Airlines, Kam Air, Osmon Air, Utair, Ural Airlines, Sibir Airlines. Together they operate regular flights to over 20 destinations to 11 countries abroad constantly increasing the number of destinations.