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On July 12, 2023, the Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA organized a Workshop on customs issues along TRACECA routes via web conferencing


The main objective of the Workshop is to support facilitation of Customs procedures and formalities at border crossings and seaports along TRACECA routes, familiarization with the practice of using advance cargo information in relation to Customs transit in TRACECA countries, as well as simplified procedures in Customs transit , particularly, evaluating the level of harmonization.

The representatives of the customs authorities of the MLA member-states, WCO, DG TAXUD, as well as PS IGC TRACECA officials attended the Workshop.

The digitalization of International Customs Transit Systems with an emphasis on the legal framework and practical implementation, possibility of concluding a TRACECA Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Authorized Economic Operators, as well as recommendations on minimum requirements for the equipment of checkpoints were discussed within the framework of Workshop.

During the Workshop, opening remarks were made by Mr. Michael Rathje, Head of Sector for Transit and TIR and Mr. Paolo Di Carli, representative of Customs Status and Transit Sector, EU TAXUD, as well as Ms. Lazzat Daniyarova, Technical Officer, Procedures and Facilitation, WCO.

During the session 1, representatives of the EU TAXUD made a presentation, where they informed the workshop participants about the EU and Common Transit Convention legislation on customs transit, New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) and its authentication system, simplifications and guarantees.

The WCO representative, Ms. Lazzat Daniyarova, during her speech at Session 2, provided information on the work of the AEO programme, importance of signing an Agreement on Mutual Recognition of AEO and WCO tools to support the AEO programme.

In addition, the participants heard speeches by speakers from the customs authorities of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Türkiye.

The Workshop participants highly appreciated the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue and discussions in order to share the latest developments in the field of digitalization of international customs transit systems implemented in their countries, key elements of plurilateral mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operators, minimum requirements for infrastructure and equipment used at checkpoints, etc.

On the outcomes of the Workshop, issues relevant for harmonization and simplification of procedures along TRACECA routes were identified, which can be addressed on next workshops.

For reference:

TRACECA routes that connect Europe, the Caucasus and Asia are characterized by movements across several countries, usually accompanied with changes of mode of transport. TRACECA countries which are aiming to improve connectivity along TRACECA routes have undertaken many initiatives for harmonization and simplification of Customs procedures, and improvement of Customs efficiency that include digitalization and simplification of Customs formalities to streamline border crossing operations.

In 2022 two workshops on Customs issues along TRACECA routes have been organized in accordance with activity 1.3 of the Action Plan for 2022-2026. Following topics have been discussed: harmonization and simplification of Customs transit procedures with focus on multimodal transport operations; mechanisms for systematic information exchange among Customs authorities; CAREC Advanced Transit System (CATS) and Information Common Exchange (ICE) prototype system; potential use of electronic queueing systems at border crossings.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA