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On 29 November 2023 the next Meeting of the Working Group dedicated to finalizing the text of the Rules of Operation of the TRACECA Fund was held via web-conference


Representatives from 12 MLA Parties took part in discussions to agree on the text of the document on establishing the Fund.

The Meeting participants discussed the issues related to the management of the Fund, conditions for holding the meetings of the Steering Committee, audit, as well as termination of the Fund activities.

The remaining items of the Comparative Table will be discussed by the Working Group at the following WG Meeting (the date will be announced additionally), within the framework of which it is planned to complete the work on finalizing the draft Rules for their subsequent consideration  at meetings of the Permanent Secretariat and approval by the IGC TRACECA.

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In compliance with point 9 of the Final Resolutions of the IGC TRACECA dated 10 February   2023, the IGC adopted the initiative on the establishment of the TRACECA Fund, instructed the PS to create a Working Group with a view to finalizing the documents and recommended their preparation for consideration and approval at the Seventeenth Meeting of the IGC.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA