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On November 22, 2023, a Round table dedicated to the implementation of the “WCO Guidelines on Authorized Economic Operators and Mutual Recognition Agreements” was held


The Round table was organized to discuss the main provisions of the WCO Guidelines on Authorized Economic Operators and Mutual Recognition Agreements, progress in their implementation in Central Asia and the South Caucasus, best practices available in other countries, including a pilot proof-of-concept project to create a Global Digital Transit Network.


Mr. Asset Assavbayev, the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, Mrs. Valentina Ferraro, representative of the World Customs Organisation, Mr. Igor Runov, Executive Secretary of the ICTD and others addressed the participants of the Round Table with a welcoming speech.
"TRACECA member states are well aware of the bottlenecks and barriers on our corridor routes. We are currently working together to solve these problems. We would like to call for the activation of the implementation of the AEO concept as one of the win-win solutions that will increase the security of supply chains and have a positive impact on the simplification of transportation along the TRACECA corridor," said A.A. Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA.
Representatives of customs authorities, ministries of transport from Central Asia and the South Caucasus, representatives of the WCO, international institutions and other stakeholders, including ADB CAREC, UNSECAP, GUAM, OECD, MAERSK, IBM exchanged information and shared their experience in implementing mutual recognition of AEO, existing problems, possible solutions in order to determine further steps to implement AEO programs on a coordinated basis, as well as the results achieved to improve the conditions of customs procedures and business.
Summarizing the results of the Round Table discussions, the participants stressed that there is a space for expanding cooperation between international organizations in Eurasia in order to synchronize their activities designed to develop the AEO program, promote the conclusion of AEO agreements (bilateral and multilateral) and coordinate digitalization initiatives.

For reference:
• The Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) Program is a partnership program developed by the World Customs Organization to ensure security and facilitate global trade by providing incentives to both customs administrations and carriers/forwarders/logistics operators who agree to work in partnership to improve supply chain security.
• TRACECA highly appreciates the work done on the development and implementation of the AEO concept, which is included in the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards for Security and Facilitation of World Trade.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA