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Automobile transport

Road transport –is an important component of an integrated transport system and production infrastructure of the country. Its stability and efficiency is a prerequisite for stabilization, recovery and restructuring of the economy, national security and defense of the country, to improve the conditions and standards of living.

In view of the high mountains and remote regions of the country, road transport is the main mode of transportation in Kyrgyzstan. Thus, 95% of freight and 97% of passenger traffic is carried by road, which is a major part of the transport sector of the country. Meaning of road transport remains the most important factor for sustainable socio-economic development of the country, one of the main tools in solving economic and social problems of the country.

To date, according to the Kyrgyz Republic’s State Registration Service the total fleet of the Kyrgyz Republic is around 924 thousand vehicles, including more than 750 thousand passenger cars, 97 thousand trucks, and more than 30 thousand buses and minibuses.

In the automotive industry involving 350 legal entities that provide passenger transport services (30 of them - legal entities on passenger taxi), 50 entities for cargo and more than 20,300 individuals for cargo and 69 companies providing car transport process (the bus stations, bus terminals, avtokassas etc.) and the number of employees in this industry is more than 32 thousand people.

Currently, the country has 12 bus stations, 33 bus terminals, 24 avtokassas, in total all station facilities comprise 69 units. Among them are state owned 7 bus stations, 10 bus terminals and 11 avtokassas, private property - 5 bus stations, 23 bus terminals and 13 avtokassas.

In addition, the Kyrgyz Republic has signed 19 bilateral, 2 interdepartmental and 7 multilateral intergovernmental agreements on international road transport.

The Kyrgyz Republic systematically conducts negotiations with other countries, which resulted in an annual exchange of permit forms from 38 states for Kyrgyz freight haulers.