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The Republic of Turkey took over the presidency in the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA


On 29 January 2015, in Istanbul (the Republic of Turkey the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) TRACECA) was held where the Republic of Tajikistan handed over the presidency in the IGC TRACECA to the Republic of Turkey.

The Meeting was attended by the official Governments’ representatives of the Parties to the “Basic Multilateral Agreement on International Transport for Development of the Europe-the Caucasus-Asia Corridor” (MLA), Permanent Representatives (National Secretaries) of the Permanent Secretariat (PS) of the IGC TRACECA in the MLA member states, the representative of the European Commission, representatives of international organizations and TRACECA partners, as well as the Team-Leader of the TRACECA Project IDEA II.

Within the framework of the IGC Agenda Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Ukraine signed the Technical Annex to the Basic Agreement on Fundamental Principles of Railway-Ferry Terminals Operation on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Moreover, in connection with the necessity of further development of international road traffic along the corridor Europe-the Caucasus-Asia and ensuring access to the world market of road transport   Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkey and Ukraine approved the technical document “TRACECA Multilateral Permit. User Guide”. TRACECA multilateral permits will be enforced by the signatory countries from 1 January 2016.

The Parties considered the issues of development of the international transport corridor TRACECA: the implementation of the Strategy of the IGC TRACECA for development of the corridor by the MLA states-participants in 2013-2015 for the period of presidency of Tajikistan in the IGC TRACECA, the Concept of Development of International Road Traffic along the Corridor. The Parties discussed the progress of implementation of the EU-TRACECA Technical Assistance projects, in particular of the project “Transport Dialogue and Networks Interoperability II” (IDEA II).

The Intergovernmental Commission elected Mr. Mircea Ciopraga (the candidate presented by Romania) as a new Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA and expressed deep gratitude for fruitful and successful activity to Mr. Eduard Biriucov (Moldova), who previously held this post.

On the outcomes of the Meeting Mr. Lutfi Elvan, the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission signed the Final Resolutions. The IGC TRACECA adopted the Istanbul Declaration.   

Photos of the meeting are available here: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/home/gallery/igc-meetings/eleventh-igc-meeting/ 


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA