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The PS IGC TRACECA announces a Semi-trailer Transport Guide


Considering the growing demand and due to the incoming requests from carriers from various countries about the possibilities of transporting goods by road across the Caspian and Black Seas, the PS IGC TRACECA has prepared the Guide for the transportation of goods by semi-trailers and cargo vehicles.

The Guide contains information on the transportation of goods by semi-trailers and cargo vehicles and has been developed taking into the users’ needs, as well as indicating the cost of transportation by sea and contact details of seaports and shipping companies.

At the moment, two shipping companies carry out transportation on the Black Sea along Burgas – Batumi and Constanta – Poti routes, and one company - on the Caspian Sea between the ports of Baku and Kuryk.

Please plan routes in advance, check the schedule of ships and draw up all necessary documents in order to exclude the facts of delays. In case of changes, the Guide will be updated and published for availability.

Download transport guide

For reference:

For convenience, we share contact details of carriers in TRACECA countries.

Azerbaijan: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/azerbaijan/
Georgia: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/georgia/

Kazakhstan: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/kazakhstan/

Moldova: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/moldova/

Romania: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/romania/

Tajikistan: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/tajikistan/

Ukraine: http://www.traceca-org.org/en/about-traceca/reviews-and-publications/useful-information/ukraine/



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