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The Business Council is intended to involve representatives of the business community and stakeholders in addressing the challenges of efficient transport connectivity in the TRACECA region


On February 6, 2024, the Meeting to discuss the text of the Main Provisions of the TRACECA Business Council was held via videoconferencing with the participation of the Permanent Secretariat, National Secretaries and experts from the MLA member countries.

The goal of establishing the Business Council is to form and express the opinion and vision of the business community on the development of the TRACECA corridor, enhance economic cooperation within the TRACECA region, establish direct connections and strengthen the dialogue between representatives of the business community and state bodies on the development of freight transport, etc.

The main objective of the Business Council is to promote public-private dialogue and cooperation aimed at further development of multimodal transport within the TRACECA corridor, which requires increasing the level of interaction and coordination of all stakeholders in order to ensure interoperability of transport and development of necessary infrastructure.

During the Meeting the participants discussed the points of the Comparative Table containing the proposals of Azerbaijan and Türkiye. Out of 9 points discussed, 7 were accepted and agreed upon by the MLA member countries.

Some issues are planned to be re-discussed after a separate meeting with business representatives in order to from the conceptual approach related to transportation along the TRACECA corridor. The concept of the above meeting will be sent by the PS to the countries additionally.  

The Permanent Secretariat will continue its work on finalising the text of the Provisions the positions of the Parties. The finalized documents with the Minutes will be sent to the participants of the meeting.

For reference:

- The issue of establishing the Business Council was previously discussed by the MLA TRACECA member countries during Meetings of the PS IGC TRACECA held on February 9 and December 5, 2023.
- According to the Final Resolutions of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the IGC TRACECA held on February 9, 2023 (Tbilisi, Georgia), the IGC instructed the PS to continue work on finalising and discussing the relevant documents for further consideration at the next IGC Meeting.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA