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New opportunities for carriers were demonstrated within a business mission in Riga (Latvia)


On June 12, 2023 in Riga (Latvia), the business mission was launched with the support of the Ministry of Communications of Latvia, PS IGC TRACECA, Central Asia Transport and Logistics Partnership, Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan “Kazlogistics”, as well as the Trade Central Asia Activity of the US Agency for International Development.

The main objective of the event is to explore new transport routes, their possibilities, existing problems and finding joint solutions.
The representatives of the Ministries of Transport of Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan), carriers, representatives of transport and logistics centres, companies and associations gathered at one platform in Riga to discuss the ways to develop partnership in the field of transport and logistics, current state and prospects of transport of goods between Latvia and Central Asian countries along the routes that form the TRACECA corridor basis.
The session was attended by speakers, including Mr. Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, Mr. Andris Cuda, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia, Mr. Almaz Idyrysov, Vice Minister, Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ms. Shoista Saidmurodzoda, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. Adylbek Akmatov, Head of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Mekan Dadyev, Head of the Licensing Department of the Agency for Transport and Communications under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Mr. Mirnasir Yusupov, Deputy Head of the Department for the Road and River Transport Development - Head of the Department for Transportation and Permits, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ms. Larisa Kislyakova, Central Asia Transport and Logistics Partnership (TLP), Ms. Aizhan Beiseyeva, Transport corridors development Advisor, USAID’s Trade Central Asia Activity, etc.

The participants of the meeting heard presentations by the Ministry of Communications of Latvia, in particular Mr. Andris Maldups on cooperation with Central Asian countries, as well as on the Rail Baltica transport infrastructure project.

During his speech, the Secretary General noted the main areas of activity of the PS IGC TRACECA and shared his vision for further improvement of transport between Latvia and Central Asian countries, which are also TRACECA countries. Mr. A. Assavbayev emphasized that "within the framework of TRACECA, it is proposed to pay attention to 6 main recommendations aimed at the development of multimodal transport. The experience of the European Union countries shows that the most effective and most widely used public policy instruments in various European countries are measures such as the provision of grants and subsidies, as well as the introduction of legislative initiatives."
"In order to further develop the corridor and increase competitiveness, the Permanent Secretariat suggests that government agencies ensure connectivity in the Black Sea region, as currently only Bulgaria and Georgia are connected. Also, it is necessary to take measures to support the development of multimodal transport, including piggyback transport with the active involvement of the European Commission in order to provide financial assistance.
In addition, it is feasible to deepen the partnership of railway operators with the International Association "Trans-Caspian International Transport Route” for the development of rail transport between Latvia and the countries of Central Asia.
Regading business, it is proposed to combine efforts and consider the possibility of establishing an association or another type of union to ensure the loading of vessels and a corresponding reduction in the transport cost,"
– was noted in speech.

The Secretary General also drew the attention of the participants to the need to establish a cargo consolidation center between the EU and Central Asian countries.

A similar business mission is planned to be held in Vilnius (Lithuania) in the period of June 14 -16.

For reference:

•  Within the framework of the mission, B2B meetings are being held between interested companies from Latvia and Central Asia, and the possibilities of joining cooperation on the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route will also be considered.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA