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Civil aviation – a strategic sector of the transport system within the TRACECA corridor


The First Steering Committee of the EU TRACECA technical assistance Project on Civil Aviation II was held on 12 September 2012, in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Being the guarantor of the economic stability of the TRACECA region, air transport is one of the priority areas of the Strategy for the development of the TRACECA corridor for the period up to 2015 and a topical issue in the EU transport policies.

There is a need for TRACECA countries to finalize the liberalization of aviation transport market – the countries included in the so-called “black list” must take measures favouring air transport safety, the other countries must complete the process of adjustment of the national legislations in the field of air transport safety requirements and creation of a modern infrastructure able to ensure sustainable, competitive passengers and goods’ transportation included in the corridor common transport system.

Convergence of the rules and methods of operations in compliance with the international standards (ICAO), international advanced experience, preparations for the introduction of the EU international standards and regulations concerning aviation safety, air traffic management and environmental protection, the issues which do not make a complete list in the scale of the project priority tasks.

Mr. E. Biriucov, Secretary General of TRACECA, noted the importance of progress in the areas covering the main aspects of regulation and supervision in civil aviation, including licensing and organization of access to markets, safety and security, air traffic management and environmental protection.

During the Meeting the Steering Committee heard the report of Mr. Kakhi Kvatashidze, Team Leader of the Project, on its implementation and discussed further project steps planned for the next six months.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA