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Information about the country

Information about the country

Road transport:

Romania currently has over 16 thousand kilometers of national roads and over 900 kilometers of motorway. National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) also manages road bridges over the Danube River.

TRACECA National Commission

The Chairman of the TRACECA National Commission in Romania is Mr. Catalin DRULA – Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania


TRACECA National Secretariat

within the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania

Address: Bucharest, Dinicu Golescu Blv, No.38, sector 1

Transport sector of the country

Road transport:

In the field of Road Infrastructure, the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration in Romania (CNAIR) manages the implementation of projects that will allow the unitary development of the public road network in accordance with the requirements of the national and international economy.

CNAIR SA is functioning as a joint stock company under the Ministry of Transport’s authority, a legal entity, set up by Governmental Decision 84/2003, modified by Governmental Decision 55/2016.

CNAIR SA has in its structure the following units and subunits: CNAIR Central Unit; 7 subunits, without legal personality, called Regional Directorates of Roads and Bridges located in: Bucharest, Craiova, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta, Brasov;  a Center for Technical, Road and Information Studies (CESTRIN) and 45 National Roads Sections.


Railway transport:

Development prospects and strategies:

·         Railway infrastructure development strategy for 2021-2025


·         CFR network Statement



Naval transport:

·         National Company "Administrația Porturilor Maritime" S.A. Constanța

(N.C. ”Maritime Ports Administration” S.A. Constanta)


·         National Company "Administrația Porturilor Dunării Maritime" S.A. Galați

(N.C. ”Maritime Danube Ports Administration” S.A. Galati)


·         National Company " Administrația Porturilor Dunării Fluviale " S.A. Giurgiu

(N.C. ” Danube River Ports Administration” S.A. Giurgiu)


·         National Company "Administrația Canalelor Navigabile" S.A. Constanța

(N.C. ” Administration of the Navigable Canals” S.A. Constanța)



Road transport:

On CESTRIN  website can be accessed the map with TRANSIT CORRIDORS - FOR ROAD TRANSPORTATION at the following link:


Customs and border checkpoints

Road transport:

CNAIR carries out specific control at border crossing points, through its subunits called Control and Collection Agencies.

General Directorate of Customs of Romania:

For the list of customs offices you can access the following link of the European Commission:




For customs procedures, the data can be accessed at the following links of the European Commission:








Aditional information

Road transport:

Currently, CNAIR implements road infrastructure projects that are carried out on TRACECA routes and have a special importance for Romania, as follows:

ü  Sibiu - Pitesti Highway: two sections out of five are under construction at the level of July 2021;

ü  Ploiesti - Buzau - Pascani - Suceava - Siret Motorway: is in the design phaseș;

ü  Targu Mures - Iasi - Ungheni Motorway: it is in the design phase .


Current status of the road infrastructure projects in Romania can be found following the link:



Railway transport:

The two rail freight corridors crossing Romania included in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) will contribute to the increase of the flows of goods and resources that transit Europe from East to West by crossing the Black Sea:

·         the Orient/East-Med Corridor, operational from November 2013



·         the Rhine-Danube Corridor, operational from November 2020



Country news

Road transport:

News about CNAIR activity can be found on website: