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TRACECA participated in the SCO International Transport Forum


On 1 November 2023, the first International Transport Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was held in Tashkent, the initiative of which was put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. M. Mirziyoyev at a meeting of the Council of Heads of SCO Member States in 2022 in Samarkand.


The Forum was attended by representatives of nine SCO member states, including senior executives and representatives of the transport industry, transport companies in the Eurasian region and beyond, international organizations, development partners, international financial institutions and other interested parties.

During the plenary session, the Forum participants were addressed by the Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan Ilkhom Mahkamov, the Minister of Transport of Tajikistan Azim Ibrokhim, the Deputy Secretary General of the SCO Sohail Khan, the Deputy Minister of Transport of Kazakhstan Talgat Lastaev, the Deputy Minister of Transport of China Li Yang, the Federal Minister of Railways of Pakistan Shahil Ashraf Tarar and others.

Forum participants discussed the potential for the development of the transport and logistics sector in the SCO region, the possibilities of digitalization of the transport sector. In addition, an exchange of views took place on best practices for creating sustainable cargo supply chains, implementing existing infrastructure projects and ensuring sustainable economic growth in the field of transport and communications.

During discussions on digital transformation, the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, Asset Assavbayev, informed the participants about the current initiatives that the Permanent Secretariat is working on, emphasizing that the SCO countries and TRACECA countries are actively working towards the development of digital transport corridors, which plays an important role in ensuring modern connectivity of the European and Asian countries both at the international and national levels.

The activities and results achieved by countries in the functioning of the electronic queue system were especially noted; documents are being digitized to varying degrees, data exchange work is being gradually established, customs information systems are being improved, and much more.

  “Given the different levels of digitalization both in countries and regions, it is important for us to jointly move forward towards building an electronic multimodal environment for cargo transportation. TRACECA promotes international initiatives (including e-TIR, accession of countries to the Additional Protocol to the CMR on the application of e-CMR), the creation of a digital ecosystem of corridors, and the introduction of electronic solutions,” noted A.A. Assavbayev.

Among the highlighted areas, the Secretary General emphasized that TRACECA is working to identify approaches to the implementation of digital solutions at the international level through the implementation of the Digital Concept adopted by countries in 2021, the formation of a legal basis for the launch of a digital corridor, as well as the implementation of pilot projects, in particular on the use of CIM/SMGS consignment note and consistent transition to its electronic analogue.
For information:

•    Within the framework of this Forum, the Aviation Forum “Aviation & Logistics Forum 2023”, as well as the exhibition “TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023” are held.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA