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The construction of new 4-lane highways in Azerbaijan creates favourable conditions for the transportation of large-capacity trucks in our country.

Most of the existing road networks in Azerbaijan have been reconstructed and meet all international standards. After gaining independence, Azerbaijan has succeeded in developing its road infrastructure. The European Union has allocated funds to Azerbaijan for the reconstruction of the Baku-Georgia border highway.

Successful projects with the country's leading international financial institutions have made a significant contribution to the creation of modern automobile networks in the country. In general, during this period, about 10,500 km of roads that meet the modern standards were built on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. These roads are used as highways for international cargo transportations. M-1 Baku-Guba, the state border with the Russian Federation is 208 km. M-2 runs along the state border of Baku-Alyat-Gazakh-Georgia (503 km), M-3-to the state border with Alyat-Astara-the Islamic Republic of Iran and has a length of 243 km.

Modern roadways are being built:
South is ready
West - in 2021
North - in 2020

Such projects have played an important role in strengthening our country's transport infrastructure and expanding opportunities for participation in transit.