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Baku International Sea Trade Port

•    On May 14, 2018, the Baku International Sea Trade Port complex was opened. Azerbaijan's location on the international transport corridors North-South and East-West provides efficient, fast and safe ferry transport from the Caspian Sea, creating a rich transit potential for the new port, allowing it to act as a strategic transport hub for incoming, outgoing and transit cargo.

•    In fact, the Baku International Sea Trade Port is located 70 km southwest of Baku. The port area is 400 hectares, of which 120 hectares will be allocated for the creation of a Free Trade Zone (FTA) and will be expanded to 2,000 hectares.

The port is developing successfully, the first stage of construction has been completed, and the port's capacity is 15 million tons per year, including 100,000 containers. Upon completion of the second stage of construction, the port's capacity will be increased to 25 million tons, including 1 million containers.

•    The first stage of construction was completed in May 2018.
•    Capacity: 15 million tons of cargo, including 100,000 containers.
•    At the end of the second stage: 25 million tons of cargo, including 1 million containers.
•    For 10 months of 2019, 3,046 thousand passengers were transported.