[Translate to Russian:] State transport and communications enterprises  transferred 8.4 billion UAH to the State Budget in 2009. As a result there was 31% growth comparing to 2008. 

534.8 million tons of goods were carried by transport enterprises in 2009. About 4.5 billion people used services of passenger transport.

Trade sea ports worked over 109 million tons of goods.

Large volumes of road works were made with total expenditures of 6.3 billions UAH. 

Total amount of communication services in 2009 made up 46.3 billion UAH including services for civilians – 18 billion UAH. 

In 2009 national enterprises had implemented capital investments for 23.9 billion UAH.

As it was before, main sources of investments are internal funds – 13.9 billion UAH, foreign credits made up 5.9 billion UAH, and State and local budgets funds made up 3.2 billion UAH.