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TRACECA took part in the First Preparatory Meeting of the 30th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum


Supporting sustainable economic recovery and growth through the promotion of transport and trade facilitation in the region became one of the topics of discussion of the Forum participants.

Representatives of government institutions, senior staff of ministries of the OSCE countries, as well as persons directly responsible for ensuring security and economic stability in the region and invited persons were involved in the Forum work and discussion, held on February 14-15, 2022 in Vienna.

The agenda of the Forum included discussions on promoting and strengthening sustainable economic recovery and growth through investment promotion, consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on transport and trade, including trade imbalances, improving the supply chain sustainability.

The discussions of the Forum participants focused on issues on promoting transport and trade through the digitalization of administrative and regulatory processes, intelligent solutions and services, development of efficient and integrated environmentally friendly transport networks.

In his intervention, Mr Asset Assavbayev, TRACECA Secretary General pointed out the significance of digitalization for making modern decisions in the development of transport communication at the international level.

"Among the new initiatives is a project to create a digital customs transit platform for multimodal transportation. The Global Transit Document, created on the basis of blockchain technology, is a digital product and will allow to transport cargo in containers by all modes of transport (except aviation) across several borders without mandatory customs inspection, thereby facilitating international trade,
" - Mr Asset Assavbayev, TRACECA Secretary General said during his speech.

In conclusion, the Secretary General added that the joint efforts of the interested parties will make a significant contribution to deepening technological cooperation in the field of computer, communication and information technology.   

For reference: TRACECA is actively working on promoting its own and joint initiatives for their practical application. Within the framework of the Digital Concept of the International Transport Corridor TRACECA, it is planned to expand the boundaries of the electronic transport documents application and ensure information interaction between participants of the transportation process and competent state bodies. In parallel, work is underway aimed at simplifying border crossing procedures with application of the latest products in the field of information technology (electronic queues, smart cards, etc.).



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA