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On 26th September 2016, upon the invitation of Mr. Kirinchuk, Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure of Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General made an official visit to the Republic of Moldova


During the visit to Moldova, Mr. Ciopraga and Mr. Kirinchuk discussed adopted new Strategy of the Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA for the development of the international transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia for the period of 2016-2026 and its step-by-step implementation with the support of the member-countries.

Mr. Kirinchuk shared with Mr. Ciopraga that the issue of accession to the Agreement on development of multimodal transport TRACECA is under active discussion in the Government and most probably Moldova will be ready to join the Agreement in a very short terms.

Within his visit to Moldova, Mr. Ciorpaga met with Mrs. Tatiana Spatari, the Permanent Representative (National Secretary) of the PS IGC TRACECA in Moldova, Mr. Veaceslav Teleman, Interim chief manager and with the specialized experts of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure.  

Mr. Ciopraga and participants of the meeting discussed the status of the development in road transport as well as financing of the new technical assistance projects, legislative harmonization initiatives, trade facilitation and institutional support. 

The participants of the meeting touched the issue of the implementation of the Action Plan on realization of the Concept of development of international road transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA