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Wrap-up Meeting on Prioritization of the investment projects within the TRACECA “IDEA” Project was held on 8 June 2011 in Milan, Italy


The main purpose of the meeting was to define the list of priority projects along the TRACECA Corridor and preparation for the next stage of the Investment Forum 2012.   The meeting in Milan was among the final three regional meetings, where were presented 39 investment projects all over the TRACECA regions, of which 16 projects of the Central Asia region, 13 projects of the Caucasus region and Turkey, and 10 projects – of the South-Eastern Europe region.

Countries presented their projects, taking into consideration the experience of the First Investment Forum, elaborated and implemented the platform for constructive dialogue between beneficiaries and international financial institutions. The selected projects give a clear view of the quality and criteria for pre-selection of the presented projects.

It has became an important approach in assessing the profitability of projects, which in turn makes it possible to produce a more objective assessment, including economic, technical and environmental criteria.

Secretary General stressed in his speech that it is a valuable experience and an example of successful cooperation and collaboration, where the dialogue is based not only on the level of state structures, but actively engages business, direct carriers, enterprise sector, etc. 

Suggested assessment tools of priority projects have been highly appreciated by international experts. In particular, today the World Bank is interested in using the tool TRAX (index of attractiveness of the TRACECA route) - the methodology for measuring the attractiveness of the TRACECA corridor in the transport sector, developed by experts of IDEA project for the TRACECA projects.

The outcome of the meeting was the selection of 12 investment projects for prioritization to be offered for presentation at the Investment Forum 2012. The remaining priority projects will be presented to participants for introduction by brochures and stands of the Forum. 


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA