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Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA participated in the 4th session of the ad hoc Committee on Legal Affairs and International Cooperation (OTIF)


On April 19, 2023, the 4th session of the ad hoc Committee on Legal Affairs and International Cooperation (OTIF) was held in Bern (Switzerland), during which relevant developments in the field of legal and international cooperation, as well as international rail transport were discussed.

Special attention was paid to the issues of digitalization of international transport, in particular transport documents, including rail, UNECE initiative on Unified Railway Law, UNCITRAL work on negotiable multimodal transport document, etc.

It should be noted that the initiatives of the Permanent Secretariat, particularly on digitalization of transport documents, play a significant role in ensuring the environmental friendliness of international transport of goods and the further development of multimodal transport in 13 TRACECA countries.

During the session, the TRACECA Secretary General, Mr. Assavbayev A.A. made a welcoming speech and informed the participants about the current work and the status of the implementation of the of the PS IGC TRACECA initiatives. In addition, Mr. Assavbayev A.A. took part as a speaker on the ongoing work on the transition to the use of the electronic CIM/SMGS consignment note according to Agenda item 7. The Secretary General highlighted that "the Permanent Secretariat expresses its readiness to cooperate in order to ensure the transition to the use of electronic transport documents."

During the visit, the Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA, Mr. Asset Assavbayev, met with the Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF), Mr. Wolfgang Küpper. The objective of the meeting is to further develop cooperation between two organizations in areas of mutual interest.

The key topic of the exchange of views was the discussion of prospects for further interaction, sustainable development of transport, in particular rail transport, possibility of transportation using a unified law on the territory of the TRACECA and OTIF member countries.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA