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“Removal of all barriers for connectivity is of great importance”- mentioned by Mr. Oleg Tofilat, Head of Delegation, State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova


On 1 June 2016 within Twelfth Annual Meeting of the IGC TRACECA, Mr. Tofilat emphasized that the endeavors of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure are based on three cornerstones.

Mr. Tofilat stressed Association with European Union, update and transposition of all transport legal framework. He added that it’s over 150 EU acts to be transposed and implemented in the next four years. 

It will ensure a level playing field for transport operators, correct relations between transport and infrastructure operators and same rules for business in EU and Republic of Moldova. It also means strengthening the capacities of the supervisory agencies in transport, consequently improving safety and security. In this regard Moldova is improving the abilities of the Civil Aviation Authority and working on establishing a Maritime Administration and a Railway Agency.

Mr. Tofilat stressed integration of the country in the international transport corridors as among one of the most important priorities. It includes rehabilitation of the roads and railways, with the support of international financial institutions. Mr. Tofilat expressed hope for achievement of a good understanding with between Moldavian and Ukrainian colleagues for the purposes of improving the connectivity with the TRACECA corridors on road and on rail transport.

As a conclusion, liberalization process is mentioned as the last and important cornerstone of the development process. Mr. Tofilat mentioned that the removal of all barriers for connectivity is of great importance. Open sky with EU, open sky with several other countries, adoption of EU railway liberalization packages, removal of road transport authorizations between countries – these are the projects to be completed or to be working on.

Full speech of Mr. Tofilat are available for download here.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA