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On December 01, 2022, a Presentation of the Vessel Concept was held via web conferencing


In order to increase the competitiveness of transport on TRACECA routes, a study was conducted to assess and develop a business model of cargo shipping lines on the Caspian Sea with a conceptual design of vessel with larger capacity. The main objective is to reduce the cost of cargo transportation for carriers of the MLA Parties transporting goods across the Caspian Sea.

The first results of this work were discussed during the Presentation, where the technical and economic parameters of the vessel according to its concept were demonstrated to participants. The main difference is that this vessel is larger in size compared to current vessels and is designed for use exclusively in the Caspian Sea, and also involves the use of dual fuel (diesel fuel and liquefied natural gas), which will bring the Caspian states closer to "green" shipping.

"Through the efforts of the TRACECA countries, we will be able to make a joint contribution to improving the efficiency of maritime transport in the Caspian Sea, which is a link between the countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus, and, accordingly, with the countries of the Black Sea region," the Secretary General said in his opening speech.

During the exchange of views on the presented Concept of the vessel, comments were received from representatives of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan on current calculations, bearing in mind the loading, cost of the vessel, as well as the time of lifting/lowering of the car or other units using elevator equipment.
Further work on the concept implies an engineering survey involving railway and hydraulic engineering organizations to assess the ramp, placement of elevator equipment, calculations of load on berths, development of a plan for suppling of wagons, deck schemes and etc.

On the outocmes of discussions, the Permanent Secretariat expects the position of countries on the interest and the need to continue work on the transition to a more detailed preparation of the vessel project documentation.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA