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On 9-10th 2010 December, the Second Modelling/GIS Expert Group Meeting was held in Brussels


The meeting was attended by the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, Mr. Eduard Biriucov, the Permanent Representatives (National Secretaries) of the PS IGC TRACECA of the Parties to the Basic Multilateral Agreement on International Transport for Development Corridor “Europe-Caucasus-Asia” (MLA) TRACECA, authorized experts as well as the representatives from the European Commission: Program Manager for Transport, office cooperation DG EuropeAid, Mrs. Barbara Bernardi, Policy officer, DG MOVE, Mrs. Svetlana Gligorovska.

During the meeting, the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA, Mr. Eduard Biriucov made a welcoming speech. He noted that the team of IDEA project made an impressive work of rebuilding a multi-modal traffic flow model for the TRACECA region: the model of the base year for 2008 as well as the expected models for time horizons of 2020 and 2030. The project is nearly completed model of multimodal transport network in VISUM, made a test model with 80% of all cargos, calibration model, etc.  

The Secretary General also noted that the project has still to resolve several important objectives that will ensure the development of networks in the future, to define an action plan for updating the model TRACECA, familiarized with the principles of disseminating the results of transport model and a process of prioritization of TRACECA. Mr. Biriucov emphasized that expert group of the GIS database will work on the functional enhancements of Web Maps, discuss the content of the existing layers of current database, to identify the new data requirements and other issues that affect on the effectiveness of the existing database.
The meeting discussed the status of the forecast model, the TRACECA prioritization process in order to provide an opportunity to pre-select priority projects for TRACECA corridor prioritization cycles, the current status of the GIS database, its content and the interaction with the model There were also presented national development scenarios, made the presentations by the countries, and an exchange of views of the national experts.

During the meeting, there were held Modeling Workshop and Modeling Training.  
The experts were presented developed TRACECA Atlases, transport model for 2020, and related VISUM software for training sessions, which will be held in the spring.
Following the meeting it was agreed that the expert group will have sufficient support in their countries, and make every effort to ensure the sustainability of the database with the support of consultants of IDEA project.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA