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On 4th March 2011, Mr. Igor Rounov, IRU Deputy Secretary General, made a working visit to the Permanent Secretariat


At the meeting with experts of the PS IGC TRACECA wide range of issues of further cooperation between the PS IGC TRACECA and IRU discussed, in particular, the participation of TRACECA representatives in the Coordination Meeting of the international organizations and financial institutions for the development of Euro-Asian transport networks within the Sixth Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference to be held in Tbilisi on 16-17 June 2011.

During the discussion, the parties agreed on concrete follow-up actions on the implementation of the Concept of road transport development at the TRACECA transport corridor, as well as the participation of IRU representatives in the Working Group on road transport development, to be held in Kiev in November 2011.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the initiative of the IRU “Model Highway”, the participation of IRU representatives in TRACECA activities on facilitation of border crossing procedures on the TRACECA corridor.

The meeting also emphasized the issues and problems of transport, development of transport infrastructure in the Europe-Caucasus-Asia corridor, exchanged views on existing barriers, freights transport and further expansion of transport as well as the prospects of development of the TRACECA corridor.

In conclusion, the parties agreed on the necessity to determine the sequence of follow-up steps in joint activities and further fruitful cooperation.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA