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On 25 September 2019, in Baku, Azerbaijan upon the official invitation of Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General, representatives of Global Forum Resources on Silk Roads project visited the premises of TRACECA Headquarter


During the meeting, Mr. Marc Uzan, Executive Director of Reinventing Bretton Woods, Mrs. Clea Fernandez, Director of Global Forum Resources and Mr. Natig A. Shirinzade, Owner and Chairman of the Institute of Global Economic Problems briefed Mr. Ciopraga on the exhibition dedicated to SilkRoads project entitled “The New Silk Roads: Time, Space and Existence”.

Global Forum Resources commissioned two internationally-known artists to travel through China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and Germany in order to capture key aspects of how the land and sea corridors that today connect Europe to Asia overlap onto the historical silk route of merchant caravans and travelers, how the silk route landscape and its main hallmarks are evolving into "The New Silk Roads" and how diverse local traditions and cultures can cohabit to allow for a flow of energies, information, goods and people.

The exhibition showcases the mentioned artists from Paris who travelled over 13 000 km by land to photograph corridors that help connect China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus and onward to Europe via Hamburg: from China (from Shanghai to Fenhuang - 1 671 km, from Fenhuang to Xi'an - 2 997 km, from Xi'an to Jiuquan - 5086 km, from Jiuquan to Khorgos - 7669 km,), Kazakhstan (from Horgos to Tamozhnya - 9 604 km), Uzbekistan (from Tashkent to Noukous - 12 221 km) and Azerbaijan (From Baku to Baku ---- 12 926 km)

The exhibition, presents stunning panoramas hand rendered with watercolor that capture the many facets and faces of modern-day connectivity, including the challenges it poses to green and sustainable growth. “As you know, we have hosted numerous conferences on this topic around the world as this is an important aspect of our work” – said Mr. Uzan.

Participants also exchanged the opinions regarding the possibilities of TRACECA on the project promotion among its member-states and related stakeholders and partners.

It was agreed to continue negotiations within next few months following the preparation to the upcoming biennale, to be held in Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, in the period of October 22-December 22.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA