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“Development of the transport and logistics sector is an important component of foreign economic relations of Kazakhstan”- noted by Mr. Asset Asavbayev, Chairman of the Transport Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan


On 1 June 2016 within Twelfth Annual Meeting of the IGC TRACECA, Mr. Asavbayev outlined that since the transport corridors are one of the foundations for the development of international trade, there is a need to consolidate efforts for the development of multi-modal transport hub from Kazakhstan's border with China to the EU borders.

During his speech, Mr. Asavbayev informed on the status of latest developments made by Kazakhstan in the field of transport. In 2013, Kazakhstan has been initiated the Agreement of Silk Wind Multimodal Block Train which is a combination of the use of multiple modes of transport (maritime, car and train).

Up to date, internal procedures for approval of the Agreement concluded in Kazakhstan and Georgia. However, the Turkish side sent a note about the need to amend the Agreement. At the same time, during the 2nd meeting of Turkic-speaking council on transport in Istanbul protocol for acceleration upon the signing of the Agreement was signed by the Turkish side.

Mr. Asavbayev also noted that within the framework of the project there are already positive results of the joint action has been made. In particular, Coordination Committee on the development of Trans Caspian International Transport Route has been established two years ago. In addition, «Nomad Express» pilot container trains have been organized in the communication of China - Kazakhstan - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Turkey and also from China through Kazakhstan to Iran. In January 2016 a test container train from Ukraine via Kazakhstan to China was launched.

Mr. Asavbayev stressed that there is necessity to make an effort to keep plying of container trains among the countries in order to implement the transit potential of this corridor.

Moreover, for the further development of the Trans-Caspian corridor a large-scale implementation of infrastructure projects of the program "Nurly Zhol" launched in Kazakhstan in 2015.In particular, in the port of Aktau it was built 3 new dry cargo terminal and a ferry complex in the port of Kuryk. By 2020, it is planned to increase the capacity of sea ports up to 25 million tons.

Mr. Asavbayev also mentioned the construction of the railway line Borzhakty - Ersai, which connected the ferry terminal with the railway line. In 2014, completed construction of the railway line Zhezkazgan - Beyneu, which reduced the distance transit up to 1200 km from East Kazakhstan to the West. It has created conditions for cargo attraction to transport by rail in the direction of China and Europe.

In July 2015 in the territory of special economic zone "Khorgos - Eastern Gate" the first phase of modern logistics zone launched. It will provide the optimum solution for the treatment of containers and other logistics services. 

Regarding the road sector, Mr. Asavbayev mentioned the implementation of 11 road projects of a length of more than 7 thousand km.

An important project designed to attract transit cargoes is an international transit corridor is "Western Europe - Western China". It is considered that the project will create an effective East-West route through Kazakhstan, and technological linkages with other international projects, namely Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. 

These projects are of great importance for the purposes of improving the transit potential not only for Kazakhstan, but also for the development of international trade in all member-countries of the IGC TRACECA.

Full speech of Mr. Asavbayev are available for download here.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA