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Development and Facilitation of Road Transport – One of the Priority Issues in the BSEC and TRACECA Region


All the participants in the Meeting of the General Assembly BSEC-URTA (Union of Road Transport Associations in the BSEC Region), held on 30 May 2013, in Baku, Azerbaijan, reached a common opinion concerning the dynamic development of the road transport industry. Nevertheless, in order to provide its effective operation it is necessary to rely on the state support regarding creation of favourable macroeconomic conditions, especially in the field of international traffic.

Mr Eduard Biriucov, TRACECA Secretary General_Mr Janucz Lacny, IRU President_Mr Tofig Nurullayev, President of ABADA;

Mr Eduard Biriucov_Mr Janucz Lacny_Mr Tofig Nurullayev_Mr Vladimir Florea, President_of_BSEC-URTA

The detection of idle potential, influence of harmonized legal basis upon the rate of freight flows, factors impacting the movement of goods, competitiveness and development of road transport are the key issues identifying the transport policy of the BSEC and TRACECA countries. 

Mr. Biriucov pointed out that the cooperation between the structures of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the TRACECA institutions undoubtedly has every prospect to become a long-term and effective platform to solve common objectives and priorities. 

In order to develop the growing freight flows the TRACECA and BSEC countries should combine efforts aiming at further development of the existing transport corridors and search for the ways of enlargement of its geography. 

Combined efforts will make a constructive contribution to the development of regional transit,   the creation and provision of high-quality, efficient and reliable transport communications between Europe and Asia.  



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA