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On June 16, 2022, a Workshop on Use of the CIM/SMGS Consignment Note on selected TRACECA railway routes was held


The main purpose of the workshop is to support and promote the wide application of the CIM/SMGS document on TRACECA railway routes through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

This event is organized by the Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA together with the Organization for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD), the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) and the International Union of Railways (UIC).

Representatives of transport departments, customs, railway organizations, maritime operators of the four TRACECA member countries from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Kazakhstan, connecting Central Asia and the Black Sea region with the rest of the TRACECA countries as a bridge, as well as invited representatives from Romania and Ukraine, co-organizers and partners from OSJD, CIT, UIC participated in the workshop, which is the initial stage of discussions on the CIM/SMGS application. The second workshop is intended to bring together all TRACECA countries to discuss issues related to the use of an electronic consignment note.

Within the framework of the 6 allotted sessions, the workshop included discussions on various aspects of the use of the CIM/SMGS consignment note. Namely, general legal and technical requirements, experience and best practices in implementation, readiness and constraints in selected TRACECA countries, the use of the consignment note in customs transit, in multimodal transport, as well as an open discussion of ways to solve the identified problems in TRACECA member states.

During the welcoming speech, Mr. Asset Assavbayev, Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA expressed gratitude to the representatives of OSJD, CIT and UIC for their willingness to share extensive knowledge on the creation of a legal framework and the use of the CIM/SMGS consignment note. "The use of a common CIM/SMGS consignment note and digitalization are issues that are clearly outlined in the TRACECA Strategy and Action Plan. Such measures could reduce the difficulties associated with changing the regime of rail transport and increase efficiency," Mr. Assavbayev pointed out.

"The presence of a common consignment note and digitalization on railways can simplify border crossing procedures and, consequently, reduce transport costs. Therefore, such measures are necessary to increase the attractiveness of TRACECA routes. Thus, the use of the CIM/SMGS consignment note, including the CIM/SMGS electronic consignment note, was recognized as one of our priorities," the Secretary General added.   

During the sessions, speakers from international organizations and countries shared their experience, knowledge and best practices in the implementation of the CIM/SMGS consignment note.

On the outcomes, the workshop participants noted the importance of using the CIM/SMGS consignment note in multimodal transportation as well as drawing the attention of the private sector to the need for the practical application of this consignment note.

The parties agreed on the importance of continuing work on the introduction of a common consignment note in the near future and cooperation with a focus on digitalization, facilitation of transportation procedures and exchange of information with controlling government agencies related to the use of electronic CIM/SMGS on TRACECA routes.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA