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Implementation of TRACECA initiatives - in the focus of discussions between the PS IGC TRACECA and Kyrgyzstan


On February 16, 2024 a bilateral meeting between the Secretary General of the PS IGC TRACECA Mr. Assavbayev A.A. and the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic, Permanent Representative (National Secretary) of the PS IGC TRACECA in the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Yrysbek Bariev was held via web-conferencing.

The main emphasis was made on practical implementation of TRACECA initiatives and projects.

During the meeting the Secretary General touched upon the position of Kyrgyzstan on the current initiatives, in particular on the draft Agreement on a STP of TRACECA, Agreement on visa-free travel of professional drivers along the TRACECA corridor, as well as the interest of Kyrgyzstan in joining the TRACECA Multilateral Permits System.

In addition, the Secretary General informed Mr. Bariev about the Working Group on digitalization of the TRACECA corridor, the experience of the MLA member countries, in particular, Türkiye, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in transition to permit-free system at the bilateral level. It was noted that the PS IGC TRACECA prepared an action plan on the transition to the application of electronic permit forms (bilateral) between the Parties and a draft decision on the transition to electronic forms of multilateral TRACECA permits.

During the discussion, the participants of the meeting recognized the need to improve the transport process along the TRACECA corridor routes, and therefore a step-by-step adoption of digitalization measures is necessary. In this regard, the Secretary General noted the parallel work started with the World Bank.

In its turn, the Kyrgyz Party informed about the work carried out in the transport sector both at international and bilateral level with Uzbekistan and with other MLA member countries. In case of successful implementation of the pilot project on digitalization of permits with Uzbekistan, it will make a significant contribution to the development of transport and transit system of the region as a whole.

Following the meeting, Mr Bariev assured the Secretary General of his direct assistance in promoting TRACECA initiatives in the region and their further implementation.

For reference:

- TRACECA currently unites 14 member countries of the MLA TRACECA, including the Kyrgyz Republic.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA