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This section contains information on the procedures for issuing special permits (SP) for the passage of heavy and large vehicles (HLV)

The requirements for carriers in the provision of the necessary documents for obtaining a special permit (SP) in the TRACECA countries are based on the need for the authorized state bodies to receive comprehensive information to process applications and properly assess the possibility of a safe passage of the HLV.

The list of requested documents in different TRACECA countries is more or less similar and consists of detailed information about the characteristics of the cargo, vehicle, responsible persons, etc. Applications can be submitted only in paper form, and in some countries it is possible by electronic correspondence.

The stipulated terms for consideration of applications in the TRACECA countries usually do not exceed 5 days, with the exception of Kyrgyzstan (10 days) and Tajikistan (20 days). At the same time, if transportation requires additional coordination with other state bodies and organizations, then in this case, consideration may require a longer period.

Regarding the need for additional coordination with specialized organizations due to the special route of transportation, this task is up to the applicant. However, in some countries, the authorized body can independently carry out the function of coordinating the transportation with the structures.

In 3 countries (Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan), it is possible to issue only one-time permits, while in 4 other countries it is also possible to obtain a multiple-entry SP for the same type of transportation of heavy and / or large cargo.

The validity of the SP can vary from country to country, in particular from 15 days (for example, in Turkey) to 6 months (for example, in Kazakhstan).

The issue of SP is provided only for the carriage of indivisible loads.

The amount of fees levied by the authorized bodies for passing the HLV is determined in accordance with national acts and can be set as a fixed amount or calculated according to a special formula.

The use of a follow car (not only within settlements) is a prerequisite for passing the HLV when certain parameters established in the acts of the TRACECA countries are exceeded.

As an additional requirement for the admission of drivers to drive a HLV in Bulgaria, a prerequisite is the 5-year experience in driving a vehicle of the corresponding category. In other countries, there are no special requirements.

If any questions arise in most TRACECA countries, e-mail addresses are indicated on the corresponding web resources to receive answers to questions of interest to carriers.

Please, read the national regulations on special permit procedures for heavy and large vehicles in advance, before lodging an application and performing transport.