Turkey. Maritime transport regime in the TRACECA region under the COVID-19 pandemic as of April 15, 2020


The General Directorate of Borders and Coastal Health of Turkey stated that vessels will not be able to enter Turkey for 14 days after leaving the "infected country".

Vessels arriving at ports of Turkey must complete the required declarations, including the "Maritime Health Declaration", no later than 48 hours before arriving at the port of Turkey.

In the port of Samsun, vessels arriving from any Greek ports must wait on the roadstead for 14 days before the initial inspection. Vessels that have passed the initial inspection without suspicious cases will still be subject to a 14-day quarantine period, and the crew will be re-examined on the 15th day for inspection. 

If the COVID-19 is not detected on board, all restrictions will be lifted. Cargo operations will continue despite the quarantine period under the condition of minimizing the contact with the vessel 's crew. The disinfection in ports is carried out by authorized state personnel.

Foreign cargo vehicles/ drivers carrying goods of primary necessity such as medicines, medicaments and food are allowed to enter (without having to be quarantined for 14 days) with the obligation to undergo the necessary medical examinations / checks and to comply with the necessary protective measures.

Drivers from Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Nakhichivan and Georgia will be able to enter Turkey without waiting for the 14-day quarantine period, after passing the necessary health checks in certain isolated areas and after disinfection of vehicle.

Ro-Ro vessels will only carry trailers (without a truck) or containers; drivers will not be allowed on board of Ro-Ro vessels.

All of the above measures are not valid for entry / exit to and from Iran and Iraq.

Foreign cargo vehicles and drivers will be allowed to leave Turkey in these countries through the open border crossing points. However, they will not be allowed to return to Turkey after leaving.

List of countries: Angola / Algeria / Austria / Belgium / Bangladesh / China / Canada / Czech Republic / Chad / Cameroon / Colombia / Denmark / Djibouti / Dominican Republic / Egypt / Ecuador / Equatorial Guinea / France / Finland / Germany / Guatemala / Hungary / Iran / Italy / Iraq / Ireland / India / Ivory coast / Jordan / Kuwait / Kenya / Kosovo / Kazakhstan / Lebanon / Latvia / Montenegro / Morocco / Mongolia / Moldova / Mauritania / NCTR / Norway / Netherlands / Niger / North Macedonia / Nepal / Oman / Poland / Philippines / Portugal / Panama / Peru / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Saudi Arabia / Slovenia / Sudan / Sri Lanka / United Kingdom / United Arab Emirates / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Taiwan / Tunisia.

More detailed information can be found at the link:https://sudohodstvo.org/karantin-na-chernom-more/

The information provided is relevant at the time of publication and may be subject to changes in the future.




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA