Armenia: On border control measures taken with regard to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as of 8 April 2020


Name of measuresStatus of their application
1Non-discriminatory approach towards freight vehicles and drivers☒ Attitude to freight vehicles and drivers depend on the country of registration of a vehicle or the nationality of a driver - restriction imposed for citizens of Italy
2Limitation of the border check points to perform transport of goods☒ The operation of checkpoints was not restricted
3Creation of the “green corridors” at the border crossing points☒The movement mode 24/7 is provided
4Accelerated border crossing through the “green corridors”☒ Due to the need for additional checks, the passing time at checkpoints is slightly increased
5Reduction of border crossing procedures☒ Border crossing procedures were supplemented by sanitary norms observance (including disinfection of a vehicle on the border, passport inspection for revealing of stay in the countries under the unfavorable situation,etc.)
6Health screening☒Screening with the aid of remote thermometers is performed within one minute.
7Other inspections of documents and goods☒Other kinds of documents and goods’ inspections are not carried out
8Possibility of temporary relaxation regarding the requirements to driving and rest times for drivers☒Temporary relaxation requirements are not envisaged
9Availability of the corresponding sanitary conditions for transport industry workers along the main transport corridors☒ Sanitary conditions on the border of the country at border crossing points were provided
10Other measuresNot taken




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA