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Acquiring practical knowledge in the field of legislative framework is the basis for improving the effectiveness of the activities of the maritime port administrations in the TRACECA region


The three-day courses organized by the PS IGC TRACECA with the support of USAID PSA (Azerbaijan), USAID's Trade Central Asia (TCA) Activity and USAID Economic Governance Program in Georgia took place from 11 to 13 September 2023, in Barcelona.

The course participants included representatives of the port countries of the region - Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Romania, as well as Turkmenistan.  

During this course, participants became familiar with the activities of the Port of Barcelona, transport technologies and innovations, information services related to the activities of the port, and also took part in study visits and seminars.

In particular, the course participants were provided with a sea excursion around the port territory, and the activities carried out by the Harbour Master’s Office were clearly demonstrated. Port personnel provided detailed information on safety procedures for loading cargo and people, the organization and operation of the Ro-Pax vessel, and loading operations. A visit to the vessel loading area and the port police was also included in the course program.
In addition, participants were provided with useful information that is not available in training manuals, aimed at improving professional skills and awareness of new innovative solutions. Particular attention was paid to the Port Community System, an automated information system that allows for the effective exchange of information between all participants in the port community, thanks to which it is possible to centrally organize the interaction of the entire port ecosystem. With this solution, the port operation becomes safer, more efficient and functions as a single whole.  

The speakers included high-ranking honorary representatives of the Maritime Authority and the Port of Barcelona, police and security officers, IT company managers.  
In addition, activities in the field of PIF (point of inspection) and a control point for checking products of animal and plant origin were presented.

“The course was a meeting point where we had the opportunity to share with the participants our knowledge about the digitalization of maritime security, encouraging the use of intermodal transport, which we use every day in the Western Mediterranean region. At the same time, we have learned a lot from professionals and specialists from the countries of the TRACECA region. We are so excited to collaborate and share knowledge as our common goal is to jointly pave the way for sustainable development of green ports in the future,” said Director of the Training Centre Dr Eduard Rhodes.

Upon completion of the course, participants received a corresponding certificate from Escola Europea Intermodal Transport.

For reference:

•    Modern port authorities and harbour masters are increasingly involved in the day-to-day management of port operations. Increased involvement and greater responsibility for the commercial business of the port is a growing area of activity in addition to technical and statutory responsibilities. The possibility of exchanging knowledge, experiences and different models for managing ports should enrich the views and improve the understanding of the evolution of the functions assigned to these agencies.

•    Escola Europea began its activities in 2006 as a training centre for European professionals and students in the fields of logistics, transport management and international commerce. Over the years, the centre has acquired experience and know-how in the field of international and national project management, communication, content creation, as well as the development and promotion of logistics modules, collaborating with renowned international institutions and enterprises.

•    Currently, Escola Europea represents the educational reference point for intermodal transport and logistics in Europe, promoting sustainable logistics through innovative courses.



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA