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Regional Meeting on the prioritization of investment projects in preparation for the TRACECA Second Investment Forum was held on May 20, 2011 in Tbilisi, Georgia


The main purpose of the meeting was to identify, evaluate investment projects of the Caucasus region and Turkey presented by the Meeting participants. At the meeting, 11 investment projects in the field of rail, road, maritime and air transport have been presented.   Evaluation of the projects has been made by the methodology previously used in Euromed, and employed for identification of priority projects for the TRACECA First Investment Forum, held in October 2010.

The meeting in Tbilisi was the final one among other selection meetings. Earlier, TRACECA countries presented their projects in Almaty for the projects of the Central Asian region and in Kiev – for the projects of the European region.

Mr. Eduard Biriucov, SG of the PS IGC TRACECA in his address to the participants of the meeting noted the support of the European Commission and Technical Assistance Project "Transport dialogue and cooperation between the EU and neighboring countries and Central Asia".

The First Investment Forum TRACECA, held last year, has become an obvious success of joint work and opened wide opportunities for development of dialogue with international financial institutions and transport operators.

Presented projects have regional significance, involve several countries, cover wide topics and been presented on a high level.

This, in its turn, enables to produce more objective assessment, including on economic, technical and environmental criteria. The countries continue to work on the legislative framework, capable of serving the investment projects.

The process of selecting priority projects for presentation at the next TRACECA Investment Forum, which will be held in February 2012 will be completed in June 2011. It is expected that about 26 investment projects with national and regional importance will be presented to the attention of international financial institutions and investors.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA