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  •  Construction of Porumbrei-Cimislia section of National Road Chisinau-Giurgiulesti
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Construction of Porumbrei-Cimislia section of National Road Chisinau-Giurgiulesti

  • Country: Moldova
  • Mode: Road
  • Investment Volume:
  • Project status: Priority

Geographical Description

Geographical Description

The road will be constructed south of Chisinau city, connecting the capital with the Romanian and Ukrainian borders and will lead into the Giurgiulesti International Free Port in the south.

Technical Description

New construction of a 19.1km road section along the M3 Corridor (2x3.75 m wide lanes).The roadbed will be built according to category I standards, in preparation for a 4-lane pavement.

Forecasts suggest that traffic will increase over 10000 vehicles/day. 

The maximum longitudinal slope will be 5%.

The alignment will not cross any settlements.

The road will adhere to traffic and safety conditions with max speed <st1:metricconverter productid="120 km/h" w:st="on">120 km/h</st1:metricconverter>.

Economic Description / Assessment

The extension of the M3 Porumbrei-Cimislia sector is essential since the current category III alignment conditions are too poor for current traffic levels.

The construction of the road will facilitate trade, transport, and industry and tourism development. The road will strengthen access to agricultural markets in the region and will be a prerequisite for securing transportation connections between the country's centre and its southern regions The construction will also create employment for a significant portion of the population and in turn stimulate local economies.

Source of Repayment

National Budget


Andrei Cuculescu, Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure

Address: 162, Stefan cel Mare blvd, Chisinau,Republic of Moldova

Tel/Fax: +37322820725

Email:  andrei.cuculescu@mtid.gov.md