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Focsani - Albita Motorway

  • Country: Romania
  • Mode: Road
  • Investment Volume: 854 M Euro
  • Project status: Priority

Applicant, Sponsor, Beneficiary, Promoter

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania
TRACECA National Secretariat
National Company of Motorways and National Roads of Romania

Geographical Description

Geographical Description
The motorway section Focsani – Albita is placed in the north-eastern part of Romania. The Focsani – Albita Motorway section is part of the Pan–European Corridor no. IX, which connects Bulgaria to Moldavia, and at the same time with the existing national infrastructure. It is also considered to be an exit to Ukraine. The future motorway section will cross 3 counties: Vrancea, Galati and Vaslui.

Technical Description

Technical Description
Design speed: 130 km/h
Length: aprox. 155km
Motorway cross-section:
platform – 26.00 m; carriageway - 4 x 3.75 m; middle lane – 3.00 m; Emergency lane - 2x2.50 m; shoulders - 2 x 0.50 m; employment bands - 4x 0.50 m; parapets space (outside the platform) – 0.75 m
Cross-section for link roads:
carriageway - 2 x 3.50 m; shoulders - 2 x 1.00 m, out of which: employment bands - 2 x 0.50 m; platform - 10.00 m.
Land acquisition:
Estimated area of expropriation for the entire highway route will be approximately 620 hectares of land representing terrain and built settlements.
Traffic study:
The traffic study will analyse current traffic on the highway corridor and the traffic light over a period of 15 years.

Economic Description / Assessment

Socio-Economic description

At design stage, the designer will analyse the following proposed aspects and will include
them into the Feasibility Study, in order to be applied at execution stage:
Project's impact on local development plans, regional and national.
Involving local residents in the project.
Land value and preservation (residential and agricultural land, nature reserves, forests
and other important national resources, archaeological sites, people, flora and fauna,
Nature 2000, etc.).
Analysis of the impact on the local ecosystem and its plans for restoration and

Source of Repayment

PPP, based on fares for daily usage


National Company of Motorway and National Roads from Romania
General Manager
Email: dirgen@andnet.ro
Planning and Strategy Office
Head – Office – eng. Cristina AMARAZEANU
Email: Cristina.amarazeanu@andnet.ro