Illichevsk New Container Terminal (UKR 1)

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Mode: Multimodal
  • Investment Volume: USD 350 million
  • Project status: Priority

Applicant, Sponsor, Beneficiary, Promoter

State Enterprise “Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk”

Geographical Description

At the territory of SE “Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk”, on the TEN-T Corridor IX near terminals 23/24.

Technical Description

New container terminal:

  • 850 thousand TEU;
  • 35 thousand trucks a / m;
  • 5th passenger a / m;
  • construction 1600 PM berthing front;
  • purchase of equipment;
  • dredging up to 14 m;
  • construction of new roads.
  • A decrease of 20% on international transport;
  • Reducing the waiting time of containers up to 5 days;
  • Reducing the waiting time of vessels in the roads;
  • Implementation of the liner;
  • ISPS compliance standards.

Economic Description / Assessment

preliminary feasibility study existing

  • Law "About concessions";
  • Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers:  "About the approval of a model concession agreement";
  • "About the approval of the list of objects of ownership, which may give a concession;
  • "Regulations about carrying out the concession of the competition and enter into concession contracts".

The project will allow:

  • development of logistics terminals;
  • development of road infrastructure;
  • increase in traffic through the Baltic countries (piggyback train "Viking", "Bison").
  • Low negative impact the environment;
  • Low emissions.
  • The project is included in:

       (i) development program GP "Illichevsk ICC" 2015;
       (ii) the priority list of projects approved by the Government.

  • - This project is not related to the implementation of other projects.
  • - Launching is scheduled for 2012.

Source of Repayment



Tokman Georgiy Yosypovich
Chief of Development and Investment Department
Tel.: +3(048)7608406 +38(048)7608605
Fax: + 38 (048)7600606