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The ILC of the New International Sea Trade Port at Alyat

  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Mode: Multimodal
  • Investment Volume: EUR 210 million
  • Project status: Priority

Applicant, Sponsor, Beneficiary, Promoter

Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Geographical Description

The new port is being developed on a greenfield site at 49º24’ East and 39º56’ North. This is 70km to the south of Baku, on the Caspian Sea where TRACECA and North-South Corridor intersect:
• Road: the east-west highway (Baku - Tbilisi - Poti/Batumi) and the north-south highway (Russia via Baku to Iran).
• Rail: the main railway to Georgia and the railway from Russia to Iran via Baku, Lenkaran and Astara, which cross at Alyat Station.

AZR1 Invest proj map

Technical Description

The project of ILC development will bring the following  benefits
Improved containarisation along TRACECA corridor, development of the new type transport and logistics services to increase attractiveness of the TRACECA route in terms of liability of transportation, reduction of travel times and costs.
Development of the new businesses in transport sector, contribution to the port attractiveness as a central hub on the Caspian region and hence switch of cargo flows onto TRACECA corridor.
Facilitation of intermodality and development of the container transportation on Caspian sea
Linking node to the network of the logistics centres in Central Asia and  logistics terminals in Iran and Russia, thus contribution to the continuity of the transportation along TRACECA

The project has two consequent steps – new development of infrastructure  on BOT basis (preparation of the plot, utilities, communication, integration into the transport network via access railway and access road, development of the logistics centre internal road and railway network, establishment of the container terminal)
Attraction of the logistics business to settle in the new facility – investment in warehouses, logistics facilities, supporting services, establishment of the value added services in the logistics centre.

Economic Description / Assessment

Repayment period 15-20 years

Source of Repayment

Budget + PPP, based on fares for daily usage

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