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Uzbekistan. Updated. Road traffic arrangements under COVID-19 pandemic as of 8 June 2020


In the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan the interim arrangements to perform international goods transport by road was introduced for the period of strengthened regime of controlling of the coronavirus infection.

The movement of road cargo vehicles will be performed through the established State border crossing points.

The arrangements are established in the Resolution of the Special National Commission for developing the programme of measures on preventing the penetration and spread of the coronavirus in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In addition, the Resolution points out that before a special order is issued, the trucks will move through the following State border crossing points only:   
 - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – «Termez»;
- Republic of Turkmenistan – «Olot»;
- Republic of Tajikistan – «Sarosiyo», «Oybek» and «Plotina»;
- Kyrgyz Republic – «Dustlik», «Uzbekiston», «Vodil», «Chashma» and «Ok Kiya»
- Republic of Kazakhstan – «Daut-Ata», «Gulistan», «Yallama», «Zangiota» and «Tashkent».

 The customs authority officers of the State border crossing point issue the route maps defining movement, parking, foodstuff shops (parking, technical and necessary services, etc.) to the drivers of foreign cargo vehicles entering the territory of Uzbekistan.   

From 30 April 2020 all road cargo vehicles entering the territory of the Republic will be directed to special parking sites established near the border crossing points where the drivers will be tested for a coronavirus infection.
Until the testing results are announced, the motor vehicles will stay at special parking. 

On the results of the carried tests, in case that the coronavirus infection is not detected, the   movement is admitted based on the approved route maps. In this case, the drivers performing international carriage may continue the movement using special overalls, disposable protective masks and gloves.  

In case that on the results of testing the coronavirus infection was detected, the driver will be delivered to the medical institution in the established order, and in case there is a second driver, the latter is quarantined.    

Upon full disinfection of a vehicle, it may continue the movement under operation of another driver (who did not contact with the consignor and consignee) or the goods may be transferred from one vehicle to another under control of the customs.     

In case that the vehicle continues the movement under operation of another driver, the driver who received the vehicle is liable for the delivery of the goods overseen by the customs in the established legal order.   

The drivers of international goods transport must perform movement in compliance with the route maps envisaged in the territory of the Republic.
Corresponding ministries and departments exert control over the movement and traffic stop of national and foreign carriers performing international goods transport in the territory of the republic within the established route map.  

National drivers performing international goods transport within the given route, must upon goods delivery to the place of destination take measures on self-isolation during 14 days in the established order.    
In case of the need of transport of exported goods, it is permitted on an exceptional basis to perform international goods transport in accordance with the results of testing.   
Foreign drivers
performing international goods transport, must upon the delivery of imported goods to the place of destination leave the territory of Uzbekistan through the definite State border crossing points during 10 days.  
If there is a possibility to receive exported goods within the established residence time, it is necessary to wait for it at the special parking nearest to the place of destination.  

A stringent control of the quarantine arrangements is organized at special parking location, including observing social distance of the drivers by prohibiting contacts with outside persons   without leaving the parking place and prohibiting the outsiders to enter these zones.     

Control of the movements of foreign road vehicles crossing the customs border in the territory of Uzbekistan is performed based on the “Commitment on the exit of a road vehicle”.  

Deviation from the route, lack of an overall, disposable protective masks and gloves at drivers, violation of the time of exit of vehicles, lack of all necessary documents at drivers (driving license, waybill, certificate for international traffic) is considered as the violation of the quarantine arrangements and the measures are taken to the violators in the established order.    
In case of violating the established delivery time, if it is proved that this happened as a result of observing by the drivers of international trucks of the interim arrangements (through documentary records), the customs authority shall not institute administrative proceeding on the violation of the customs legislation. 




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA