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Azerbaijan: Regime of cargo transportation in terms of COVID-19 pandemics as of 20 March 2020


In connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection - COVID 19, the Operational Headquarter under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan took the following measures:

Passenger Transportation
Azerbaijan and Russia agreed to mutually terminate the trips of citizens from March 18 in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.
On March 14, Azerbaijan and Turkey decided to suspend land and air traffic in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

Azerbaijan organized charter flights for the export of citizens. Baku also temporarily canceled flights with France, Germany and Kazakhstan. In addition, from March 14, the border with Georgia was closed for 10 days, and flights with several cities of Russia, including Mineralnye Vody, were canceled on March 17.

Freight transportation
Freight vehicles arriving in Azerbaijan from Iran, where the virus is widespread, after several stages of disinfection are sent to a special terminal on the territory adjacent to the border.

Cargo in the terminal is unloaded into vehicles with registration marks of Azerbaijan and sent to the destination. The movement of trucks from Iran, following in transit through Azerbaijan, is accompanied by the state road police of the country. The drivers of these vehicles have the opportunity to rest and eat in specially isolated areas. Cargo vehicles arriving in Azerbaijan from other countries, after disinfection at the border, are sent to their destinations.

More detailed information can be found at https://koronavirusinfo.az/ and https://cabmin.gov.az/ 




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