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Kazakhstan. Updated. Road traffic arrangements under COVID-19 pandemic as of 20 June 2020


Kazakhstan changed the procedure of the State border crossing.

The main conditions for foreigners include the following: observing visa requirements, a foreigner should be a citizen of the country, which Kazakhstan renewed direct air communication with, this foreigner should have a direct flight from this country. Foreigners who are allowed to enter the country according to this procedure may also use direct air communication for the entry to the country.
Besides, crossing the state border of Kazakhstan is allowed:
- for foreigners from the crews of maritime vessels heading towards Kazakhstan outside the crews for changing if they have the documents available, confirming the status and belonging to the crews of maritime (river) vessels;
- for goods owners performing agricultural activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan in case they present the documents confirming agricultural activity (in compliance with the list and samples of the documents approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
- for parents (caretakers or trustees), who accompany the minor citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, studying at the educational institutions in the territories of foreign states, as well as for their departure from Kazakhstan abroad with the view of continuing student visas, registration of student ID cards, passing exams (tests), in case there are invitations from a foreign educational institution and an official permission for entry to a foreign state for the stated purpose

As regards air travels, the airlines’ managers are entrusted with ensuring:
Questioning of passengers and crews during flight;

Observing safe distance between passengers (no less than a meter) and a mask regime during registration, boarding and disembarkation from an aircraft;

Available minimum supply of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves), hands antiseptics, disinfectants on board the aircraft;

Restriction of movement of passengers during flight in cabin, prevention of the concentration of people in the toilets;

Admission to work of the personnel if there is personal protective equipment (medical masks, gloves) available;

Pre-flight medical check-up of the personnel measuring the body temperature;

Prior to restarting regular international air communication to carry out an audit of the conditioning, ventilation systems, filters change on board the aircrafts.

Domestic flights also require observing regulations for ensuring sanitary safety on board the aircraft: to wear masks, gloves and to use antiseptic

From 20 June the Kazakhstan residents may resume visits to Turkey, China, South Korea, Thailand, Georgia and Japan, the Committee of Civil aviation reported.
Air Astana airline resumed air communication on the following routes:
20 June — Almaty — Antalya — Almaty;
20 June — Nur-Sultan — Istanbul — Nur-Sultan.
The first flight — KC915 — from Almaty to Antalya departure at 9:45 local time.
Flight from Nur-Sultan to Istanbul is fixed at 18:50 local time.

Air Astana changes booking for international flights free-of-charge.
Besides, the airline resumes the following routes:
21 June — Almaty — Istanbul  — Almaty; 21June — Nur-Sultan — Antalya — Nur-Sultan; 23 June — Atyrau — Istanbul — Atyrau; 1 July — Almaty — Tbiisi — Almaty.

Additionally, from 1 July regular flights will start between Almaty and Seoul three times a week.
From 3 July, the airline will launche a new regular flight Almaty – Batumi on the coast of the Black Sea.
Airline SCAT will resume flights to Turkey from 1 July.
1 July — Shymkent — Istanbul, two times a week;
1 July — Aktau — Istanbul, three times a week.
The people arriving to Kazakhstan from Turkey will undergo thermometry and questioning.

If a certificate on negative COVID-19 infection test is available based on the results of PCR diagnostic method, carried out no more than 5 days before the time of the Kazakhstan state border crossing, the arriving people may move without restriction.
For the people arriving from China, South Korea, Japan, Georgia and Thailand it is enough to undergo thermometry and questioning.

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