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Control over transit traffic moving through the "Red Bridge-port Alyat" border crossing point is ensured in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic


With regard to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, risk factor checks are being conducted in the Port of Baku located in Alyat for drivers of the transit cargo vehicles entering the temporary storage – quarantine zones.

Since incoming cargo mostly comes from the countries of Europe and Central Asia across the border of Georgia, drivers of transit cargo vehicles are tested for the COVID -19 at the Red Bridge border crossing point. 

The process is carried out by employees of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Port of Baku together with the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB).

After cargo vehicles arriving in Azerbaijan through Georgia enter the quarantine zone, samples are taken from drivers at the medical point. This decision was made after finding the positive test results of several drivers in the port of Alyat.

The test results are ready about 6-8 hours later. During this time, control is carried out to ensure that drivers do not leave their vehicles. If any needs arise, they are provided with the necessary assistance.
The main objective is that after the test, driver should not have any contact with others.

This fact is provided for: 

A) in case of positive test results, it would be possible to pass the other drivers. At the same time, it should be ascertained that there was no contact between drivers after the test.
B) in case of negative test results, drivers are allowed to enter the sterile zone.

During the day, 80-90 cargo vehicles accompanied by the traffic police are going to the Port of Baku. The control continues all along the way in order to avoid the risk of making contact between uninfected drivers with infected ones.

When a driver infected with COVID-19 enters the country, the movement is restricted, and then the necessary measures are taken.

It should be noted that from March 23, the validity of the decision on the state border closing has been extended until May 4, 2020.






Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA