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Azerbaijan. Regime of maritime transport in the TRACECA region under the COVID-19 pandemic as of April 15, 2020


In accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreign drivers of cargo vehicles will be able to freely enter the territory of Azerbaijan or transit through Azerbaijan.

Maritime transport (including transhipment of cargo vehicles and containers) is open and continues with the certain restrictions in neighbouring countries (Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan):

- Only cargo vehicle drivers of Turkmenistan can use the vessels of Turkmenistan going to their country. Single trailers and semi-trailers will also be allowed to be loaded on Turkmen vessels.

- All drivers are required to undergo the testing in the port of Baku, in the quarantine zone before the loading. Only drivers with negative test results can enter Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Test results are provided within 6-8 hours.

- In the port of Baku, cargo vehicle drivers wait for the vessel in the designated clean areas and are provided with food.

- All border crossing points (with Iran, Russia, Georgia and Turkey) are open to road transport only for freight transportation.




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA