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Azerbaijan: On border control measures taken with regard to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as of 13 April 2020

Name of measuresStatus of their application
1Non-discriminatory approach towards freight vehicles and drivers☒Equal conditions are provided for drivers irrespective of the country of registration of a vehicle or the nationality of a driver
☒ Transit transport is provided with obligatory escorts throughout the whole territory of the country
2Limitation of the border check points to perform transport of goods☒The list of checkpoints for the transport of goods is determined.
☒ Checkpoints with the application of the “green corridor” are determined 

The pass is limited only to Iranian road carriers at the border and customs point of Astara (Azerbaijan). Loads from Iranian vehicles are unloaded at the terminal of Astara (Iran), then after the transshipment of these loads to Azerbaijani vehicles they continue to be delivered to the corresponding points in Azerbaijan. Transit carriers from Iran are provided with mandatory escort throughout the country
3Creation of the “green corridors” at the border crossing points☒The movement mode 24/7 is provided
4Accelerated border crossing through the “green corridors”☒ Measures taken to accelerate border crossing
☒Passing through checkpoints takes time specified by law

The accelerated passage of borders along the corridor is ensured by passing through the green corridors
5Reduction of border crossing procedures☒Border crossing procedures are reduced and optimized
☒ Border crossing procedures were supplemented by sanitary norms observance (including disinfection of a vehicle on the border)
☒The list of amended requirements for provision of the documents on the border is placed on the official site of the corresponding state authority. 

Additional optimization measures are implemented by passing freight vehicles through new large scanners, as well as upon preliminary receipt of an electronic declaration and relevant travel documents
6Health screening☒Health screening is performed by applying the cameras without stop of the border crossing procedure.
☒Screening with the aid of remote thermometers is performed within one minute.
7Other inspections of documents and goods☒Other kinds of documents and goods’ inspections are not carried out
8Possibility of temporary relaxation regarding the requirements to driving and rest times for drivers☒Temporary measures in respect of the requirements to driving and rest times for drivers are implemented 

Measures have been taken to create a minimum of necessary conditions in relation to the regime of work and rest of drivers. In particular, small hotel complexes with living conditions and a dining room were created on the route of freight vehicles along the ITC TRACECA and in the Baku International Sea Trade Port to comply with the working and leisure conditions of drivers
9Availability of the corresponding sanitary conditions for transport industry workers along the main transport corridors☒ Sanitary conditions on the border of the country at border crossing points were provided
10Other measures




Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA