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On October 17, 2023, the Working Group on finalizing the documents regulating the status and activity of the TRACECA Fund continued its work via web conferencing


It should be noted that the idea of establishing the TRACECA Fund arises from the need to attract funds in order to finance infrastructure and other transport projects.


The meeting participants discussed the proposed mechanisms for determining the maximum amount of funding and the terms of project implementation.

The next meeting of the WG participants on finalizing the text of the Fund's Operation Rules is scheduled for November 29, 2023, during which it is planned to discuss management mechanisms and other procedures of the Fund's activity.

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Establishment of the TRACECA Fund is one of the effective mechanisms for raising funds

For information:

According to paragraph 9 of the Final Resolutions of the IGC TRACECA dated February 10, 2023, the IGC adopted the initiative on the establishment of the Fund, instructed the PS to create a Working Group to elaborate the documents and recommended their preparation for consideration and approval at the Seventeenth IGC Meeting.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA